My peers and I took a survey that would assist in defining a persona for our class. We examined the results and agreed on the tendencies we noted that stood out from the rest. In conclusion, we named our persona Elise. The survey information was helpful in answering questions about her. The questions are below:

What does Elise admire?

Elise is a college student who is driven by her ability to succeed. She admires end results, presentations, peers, and success among everything.

What habits of mind and behavior does she have that you might need to correct or overcome?

Similar to myself Elise struggles with anxiety, and the unrelenting desire to succeed. She often tends to overthink things and it creates problems that didn’t exist in the first place.  Additionally, she is considerate of others and tends to neglect her own urgent matters. Overall Elise can become more “selfish” and needs to focus on thinking less.

What does she do for a living?

Elise is a college student, part-time sales associate at a fashion boutique, and sometimes her neighbor pays her to watch her children. She is extremly busy and would give reason to assume why she is so stressed.