Controlling Perspectives: A Persuasive Skill

Recently, my friend, my brother and I had a serious, lengthy discussion about religion and beliefs. It’s hard to describe precisely what he believes. Although, I can say Christianity and Kemetic spirituality make up the majority of his belief system. We kept going through point after point during the conversation until I started to realize life and everything within it is merely a matter of perspective.

Honestly, neither one of us were able to establish ground truly, and by that I mean who had THE answer(s) to life. It led me to the conclusion that there is wisdom in knowing that we know nothing. Also, justification is quite a skill indeed. If we justify everything we claim irrefutably, we can state anything, and people will believe it. It is how we understand things. Consider everything you know and believe presently about life. You saw it, and someone justified it in one way or another until you internalized it and accepted it as truth.

I would like to learn how to justify my points and claims in an argument happening in real time going forward. Justification is a persuasive skill that helps control perspectives. It will literally translate to power. I believe the work at crafting this ability comes from practice. There are no shortcuts for this one simply put. The art of justification is an impressive technique that won’t always necessarily win arguments. It will, however, give an edge to the person who succeeds at justifying things better.