True rhetoric has the ability to affect decisions; it has the ability to analyze things as well. We must know something or someone is trustworthy and credible strictly for analytical purposes.

When I am evaluating someone, I am sifting to find out their true intentions. I ask myself what their angle is? Additionally, I want to know what makes the person qualified to speak on the matter. Does the person trust me? I read body language and facial expressions. They are always a dead giveaway to how a person feels or truly responds to stimuli introduced to them. After all, actions…

My brother is the most diplomatic person I know. He tends to reserve his thoughts about something unless solicited to divulge them. His language is tactful and genuine. Typically, he speaks on subjects he knows and always displays an aptitude for learning new things. Never does he dwell on negatives. He acknowledges them, yet he adheres to and builds upon positives. The nature of his work requires he suspends judgment and to avoid being critical of others. Interestingly these traits have become a part of his character making him amiable to most.