Discussion & Love

Pullman claimed that dialectic is best performed with a partner or yourself. Can an argument be made for another optimal use of dialectic? Debate amongst groups. Dialectic is investigating and/or discussing the truth of opinions. Engaging in this technique with a group would offer more opinions and a more amplified discussion in which more ideas are shared and expressed.Words spoken or written on paper mean absolutely nothing. However, if words are strung together in sequence, they form a picture through which we may understand and interpret the spoken or written concepts and ideas.


I believe that love is a commitment. The commitment is eternal, unconditional, and applicable to all the various types of relationships we identify in western society (wife, boyfriend, sister, father, friend, etc.). The commitment disregards the feeling, sensation, or emotional catharsis we often attribute as love. I wondered why love was divided into sexual and non-sexual. It could’ve been categorized by longevity (short-term vs. long-term) or familial vs. nonfamilial. Love is often attached to sex, why?


I found it interesting how “falling out of love” maybe means that a person no longer fits the original mold a person prescribed when they fell in love. Why do we say “fall” in love? The concepts discussed lead me to believe that people and their love molds are continually evolving. Maybe it isn’t love if it is not the commitment.