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Top 12 class topic ratings: 12. Pineapple pizza is it real pizza? 11. PJs in public (to wear them, or not to wear them) 10. Glasses are better than contacts 9. Campus security: Which is better…turnstiles or finger print scanners? 8. Manual vacuums vs. automatic robot vacuums 7. Workplace nap spaces 6. Should transgender people […]

Our Person(a): Elise

My peers and I took a survey that would assist in defining a persona for our class. We examined the results and agreed on the tendencies we noted that stood out from the rest. In conclusion, we named our persona Elise. The survey information was helpful in answering questions about her. The questions are below: […]

Dialectic Dialogue

Dialectic is the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions. I joined up with my peer George Kantelis, and we experimented with dialectic. The argument: “it is better to live a short, fun, but risky life rather than a long, boring, and safe one.” Take a look at how this one played out. […]

Descriptions of image

The “Rate Schedule” sign offers three “items” on the menu. Three items are: “Answers” ($1.00),  “Answers which require thought” ($2.00), and “Correct answers” ($4.00). I believe they are conveying the message that we always want easy/cheap answers more often than not, however the right answers are always available if we are willing to pay the […]

Descriptions of sounds

It sounds like an elderly man with a British/Australian accent. He is in a large, busy, city. He’s probably one of the “radical” people in the streets with a sign yelling aloud while bystanders pass by. He seems to be upset about how science and the medical field “has all the answers”. Furthermore, he believes […]