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RR #2

The second half of the chapter 1 reading presents, even more, tools, insights, and knowledge for assessing persuasive acts. In 1958, Stephen Toulmin created the Toulmin model. It is a great tool for analyzing and creating arguments. The model goes as follows: claim, data, warrant, backing, rebuttal, followed by the modal. Another model used in […]

Descriptions of image

The “Rate Schedule” sign offers three “items” on the menu. Three items are: “Answers” ($1.00),  “Answers which require thought” ($2.00), and “Correct answers” ($4.00). I believe they are conveying the message that we always want easy/cheap answers more often than not, however the right answers are always available if we are willing to pay the […]

Descriptions of sounds

It sounds like an elderly man with a British/Australian accent. He is in a large, busy, city. He’s probably one of the “radical” people in the streets with a sign yelling aloud while bystanders pass by. He seems to be upset about how science and the medical field “has all the answers”. Furthermore, he believes […]